The latest technology in manufacturing & engineering provide the finest quality rotors and stators for your application.

Rotors & Stators

Our rotors are made from corrosion resistant steel with chrome or tungsten carbide coating. Our stators are available with the most advanced NBR or High Performance (HP) elastomers.
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Unmatched Quality

The quality of our products is monitored from the moment we receive your order to the time it is shipped out of our facility to ensure the product complies with all process, design, and customer requirements.
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State-of-the-Art Facility

Our main is one of the most advanced rotors and stators manufacturing facilities in the country. We are able to exceed customer expectations thanks to our highly trained staff, cutting-edge tools and 150,000 sq/ft facility.
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How We Operate

Our engineering and chemistry group are led by the leading experts in motor drilling technology. BasinTek is not in business to make what’s already available on the market, but to advance the technology so we are compatible with new drilling techniques, and can operate in harsher drilling environments. BasinTek is not focused on downhole pumps, only downhole motors for drilling. Our engineers understand what takes place in the well bore and how higher temperatures and different drilling fluids affect elastomers.

Basintek Completes Your Wells

BasinTek’s THRU-TUBING power sections are equipped for the most demanding drilling on earth.

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How BasinTek is Changing Drilling

BasinTek has introduced its line of EVENTEK stators to reduce hysteresis, help eliminate stick-slip, and offer a better seal throughout the stator to deliver more consistent power to the bit.

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